Powerful and Authentic

We have a clear vision of what we stand for and what we strive to achieve. We embrace a powerful and authentic voice that permeates everything we do. Our principles and values define our identity and guide us in our endeavor to provide people with knowledge and empowerment.

Genuine Substance

For us, it's not about using empty phrases but having genuine substance behind our words. We choose to be sincere and honest in all our communication, actively working to challenge established norms.

No Pinkwashing and No Hijacking of LGBTQ+

We refuse to pinkwash or exploit the LGBTQ+ movement to promote ourselves. We stand firm in our commitment to support and respect the rights and identities of all individuals, without attempting to capitalize on them for our benefit. When discussing LGBTQ+-related topics, we do so objectively, evidence-based, honestly, and grounded in material reality, not clichés.

True Inclusion and Diversity

We don't engage in empty rhetoric and identity politics. Diversity is a team with broad expertise and different experiences, rather than a team with various skin colors, political orientations, and sexualities. We prioritize and value competence and experience over identity politics in all our recruitment and operational decisions. We include people with the right skills and exclude those who don't contribute to our goals and operations. How you look, who you're with, or which party you vote for is irrelevant to us.

Binary Terms and Respect for Material Reality

We use terms like "man" and "woman" in our communication and acknowledge the biological reality that humans are binary and two-sexed down to the cellular level.

Freedom from Censorship

We are proponents of freedom of speech and staunchly oppose censorship. We believe in providing facts and information without filtering or limiting opinions. By maintaining an open and honest dialogue, we create a world where people can freely share and exchange knowledge.

Humans Are Not Machines

We take care of our employees just as we care for our users. We value our employees as unique, living, and sentient beings, not as machines constantly meant to deliver. We prioritize people's well-being and ensure no one gets burned out or overstrained. In a world often fixated on round-the-clock production and linear progress, we choose to be cyclical and adapt to each individual's unique development and needs. We offer a culture and work environment where employees have the freedom to grow in their own way and come and go as they please, responsibly.

We Oppose Surrogacy

We understand that people have a strong desire to become parents, but children are not commodities or entitlements — children have rights. Surrogacy is simply trading in the bodies of women and children, often exploiting vulnerable women. This is something we will never support. Instead, we believe in promoting people's own fertility and alternative solutions that prioritize the rights and well-being of women and children. Involving a third party as a surrogate mother can give rise to a range of ethical and negative health aspects that should not be ignored. We strive to protect and promote the best interests of women and children, ensuring their rights are not neglected in surrogacy situations.

Resistance Against Medical Experiments on Children

We strongly oppose medical experiments on children, including puberty blockers. We believe that children's health and well-being must be of the utmost priority and that they should have the chance to grow and develop naturally. We work to safeguard children's rights and promote their long-term health.

Organizations We Support

Our dedication lies in endorsing organizations that share our values and make positive contributions to society. We steadfastly champion these endeavors as their objectives harmonize with our pledge to uphold authenticity, diversity, powerment, and the rights of women and children.